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The pale and subtle pink tones of Rose Quartz are simply stunning. Rose Quartz is said to be a stone that represents one’s heart. Rose Quartz can be found forming from the earth in many places across the planet. From Madagascar to Germany, from India to Brazil and from South Dakota in the States to various regions of Russia. Jewelry designers and artisans alike have been using Rose Quartz to adorn their creations for 100s of years! In ancient Greek Rose Quartz was referred to as the stone of ice and was often used as a bead in necklaces and bracelets. In ancient Egypt many wore Rose Quartz as a Talisman Necklaces and it was believed to help prevent aging. During the Middle Ages in Europe Rose Quartz was referred to as the love stone and it would be given as a gift to loved ones who had recently had their hearts broken.

In the modern day Rose Quartz is as popular as ever with Jewelry Designers and Interior Designers. Many new age communities use Rose Quartz jewelry and Malas as a meditation aide. Many love to practice yoga while wearing Rose Quartz. It’s believed that wearing Rose Quartz can help one develop more compassion and unconditional love for others. It is also believed that Rose Quartz helps activate the Heart Chakra and can facilitate emotional healing and can help one move on from toxic relationships and habits. 

At The Bead Chest we have a great selection of Rose Quartz stone beads. Our Rose Quartz beads pair perfectly with our other Natural Stone Beads like our Howlite and Turquoise Beads! No matter what you’re trying to make whether its a protection talisman or a simple natural gemstone beaded bracelet we know we got the perfect Rose Quartz beads for you.

So feel free to browse the curated Rose Quartz section below and get inspired!