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Africa is home to some of the largest bead markets in the world! Some of the most popular and sought after African trade beads at these markets are recycled African Vinyl beads. Recycled vinyl beads are commonly found in countries like Ghana and Nigeria. There are various forms of vinyl beads and some are even made from recycled phonograph records. Here at The Bead Chest we have everything from lovely shades of pink vinyl beads to amazing multi colored strands of vinyl beads! With so many great options we know we have the perfect bead strand for you and your unique jewelry designs.

In countries all across Africa vinyl beads are used to create beautiful necklace and bracelets. Sometimes vinyl bead strands are even fashioned into striking waist chains. Ghana is actually one of the biggest manufacturers of vinyl beads! In many countries across Africa, vinyl bead strand jewelry is worn almost like a mood ring. Each individual color of vinyl bead strands have different meanings and can represent one's mood or intentions. Blue vinyl beads stand for love, harmony, togetherness and peace. Black vinyl beads are said to represent spiritual energy and emotional maturity. Maroon tones stand for healing and mother earth. Purple vinyl beads are said to represent everything feminine and royalty. Pink vinyl beads are said to indicate mildness and feminine qualities. Red vinyl bead strands stand for spirituality and passion. Gold vinyl bead strands stand for wealth, high status, fertility and spiritual purity. Yellow vinyl beads are associated with intelligence, beauty and preciousness. Green vinyl bead strands signify harvest and spiritual growth. Grey colored vinyl beads are used to symbolize healing. Silver vinyl beads are often associated with peace, purity and joy and white vinyl beads often stand for cleansing, festivity and pureness.

With so many beautiful options to choose from there isn’t a better time than now to start incorporating vinyl beads into your jewelry designs. So please take your time browse our curated section of recycled vinyl beads. We can’t wait to see how you implement our many beautiful vinyl beads into your design aesthetic.