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Looking to add the power and aesthetic of the ocean to your jewelry creations and home decor projects? Well, you’re in luck! Our vast array of bright colored and interestingly textured coral beads look great when incorporated into necklaces, bracelets, and, interior design projects.

Our Coral Beads are ethically sourced from oceans and seas all around the world. Coral reefs are formed when coral larvae attach underwater stones and other hard surfaces. Once the larvae attach to a surface they begin to excrete calcium which forms its rock-like texture. Coral needs sunlight to grow and depends on various species of algae to help them grow. Coral grows about .04 to 2 centimeters per year and it can take up to 10,000 years for coral reefs to form.  

For 100s of years, the many colors and varieties of Coral have made it a must-have item for jewelry artisans. In Chinese culture, Coral beads and jewelry is associated with longevity and is often given as given as a gift to bless the receiver with good luck. Red coral, in particular, is extremely popular in Chinese culture due to its deep and vibrant tones. In the 1600s during the Qing Dynasty, the use of red coral beads and jewelry was reserved exclusively for the emperor and other royal family members. Red Coral was also used to decorate around the palace often combined with strands of pearl beads to create luxurious decorative centerpieces. Interestingly enough throughout India coral has been used as a component in many medicines used to treat pain and inflammation. According to local legend in Japan during the 1700s - 1900s in Okinawa and the surrounding area ground up coral was used as a medicine to treat many ailments. In Japan, to this day Okinawa has the highest rate of people living past the age of 100. Many in Japan believe that this is due to the use of coral as a medicine. In the 1970s/1980s the use of medicinal coral supplements and teas was popularized in the United States.

In many new age communities, Coral beads and jewelry are believed to have many metaphysical healing properties. Many say that Coral is a stone of transformation and peace. Many believe that wearing Coral beads and jewelry can protect you from evil energies and help connect you with the powerful energy of the ocean. Coral beads are often given as a gift to help foster friendly communication and an upbeat outlook. Many also say that wearing Coral jewelry will help one become more self-aware.

Here at The Bead Chest, our unique selection of Coral beads will help you take your custom jewelry designs and home decor projects to the next level. With a variety of styles, colors, and, sizes to choose from we know you’re going to have to take your time browsing this section. We can’t wait to see what you design with our Coral beads!