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Looking to add a extraordinary piece of nature to your next jewelry line? Wanting to spice up your home decor with a more rustic and earthy feel? Well you’ve come to the right place! Here at The Bead Chest when it comes to Coconut Beads we got you covered. We carry a variety of sizes, tones and shapes; all perfect for any custom design project. From our unusual coconut shell bead strands in shades of yellow to our classic deep brown toned coconut beads we know you’ll find a great strand to suit your needs.

Coconuts are actually a very interesting fruit with a deep and rich history. Coconuts have been used for so many different things throughout history. Some of the earliest mentions of coconut fruit come from texts dated all the way back to AD 545. Although, ancient coconut fossils have been found in Australia and India and are dated to be 37 million years old! Generally it is agreed upon by historians that coconuts originated from areas in India and Indonesia. But since coconuts can float their seeds have been carried by the currents of the ocean all over the world. Coconut seeds can travel the sea for over 100 days and can go up to 3,000 miles while still maintaining their ability to grow into a palm trees. Due to this coconut palms can be found all over the world in tropical climates. All over the planet the coconut industry is booming. Coconuts are largely cultivated in India; the region of Kerala in India actually has the largest population of coconut palms in the world! Places like the Middle East, Australia, Florida, Hawaii and Islands in Bermuda also produce and harvest a large percentage of the world's supply of coconut products. In Maldives the coconut palm is actually the countries national tree. Aside from culinary uses coconuts are very commonly used for decoration, in beauty products, as tools, as building materials and as a form of firewood.

In many new age communities coconut beads, pendants and jewelry are highly sought after due to their many metaphysical healing properties. It is said that the coconut symbolizes our ego and self awareness and can help stimulate the root chakra. It is said that wearing coconut jewelry can help one open up one's heart and be more caring to the people and world around them.

So please take your time browsing our curated section of stunning coconut beads! We know that you’re going to be able to find the perfect coconut bead strand for your next big design project.