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Looking to imbue your jewelry designs with protective or lucky energy?

Take a moment to browse our vast collection of available charms, amulets and talismans. We know we have the perfect fit for your jewelry making projects.

The use of charms and amulets in jewelry designs has been around for hundreds of years. The word Amulet comes from the Latin word ‘Amuletum’ which translates to ‘an object that protects a person from trouble. In ancient Rome charms were usually made from natural stones like Red Jasper, Amethyst, Chalcedony and Jade. The stone charms were believed to be connected to various Roman Gods and Goddesses and were worn to imbue the wearer with the powers of the corresponding Gods. In China Taoist wear calligraphy inspired charms to project from evil spirits. Japan have similar charms and amulets called Ofuda. In Tibet Buddist practitioners use many different types of charms and shamanistic talismans and amulets. One of the more common Tibetan Charms is a bell charm called a Dorje. Ancient Celts often wore four leaf clovers as a good luck charm. Four Leaf Clovers are still worn as good luck charms by people all over the world today! One of the most popular and commonly used charms today are Evil Eye and Hamsa Charms. Its believed that they protect the wearer from the gaze of the Evil Eye.

With so much history behind them adding charms to your jewelry designs can make them truly stand out. Whether you’d like to give yourself a little extra good luck or if you just like how charms look in your designs take a moment to look through for yourself!