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Here at The Bead Chest, we are always trying to find ways to make your jewelry design process more streamlined. And with the various threading and beading needles we offer we have got you covered. We offer finely crafted collapsible eye needles and high tension stainless steel big eye needles. We also offer great bead twisting needles that are perfect for working with tiny beads like seed beads. We truly have a bead threading needle for every jewelry design situation, available in our large selection of jewelry supplies.

Looking for a needle we extra spring? We got that. Needing a needle that is kink-resistant we have that too! We also carry needles that have extra large opening that make it easy to accommodate various sizes of stringing cords. We also carry a tone of great grade needles. If you need fine grade, medium grade or even heavy grade we have a threading needle option for you. We also carry needles in a variety of sizes, everything from .35mm needle points to 2.5in long needles.

Our big eye beading needles are especially great when working with materials like, stone beads, clay beads, pearl beads, glass beads, seed beads and wooden beads. Here are just a few tips and tricks about jewelry threading needles. Make sure when you cut your beading thread you hold it tight. Doing this will stop the thread from having any kinks making it easier to thread. Always try to trim your bead stringing thread with sharp scissors so the fibers of the thread don't fray. Before threading try to flatten the end of the thread with either your fingers or gently with your teeth. Flattening the thread makes it a lot easier to string through they eye of the needle. We can’t wait to see all the great designs you create with our threading needles. Get yours today, here at The Bead Chest!