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Here at The Bead Chest, we want to make your jewelry design process easier. Because of our commitment to making jewelry design more accessible and easy to you we offer many different design tools! With so many different options to choose from we know we have a great jewelry crafting tool for you. So please take your time to browse this curated section of various jewelry making tools, amongst our broader selection of jewelry making supplies.

With tools like our amazing wire cutters, pliers, round nose, chain nose, bent nose, nippers and wire bending tools you can make designing with metal wire cord a very fun a creative process. Chain Nose pliers are great for manipulating small wires and are good for making 90 degree bends. Round Nose wires are great for creating loops out of bead stringing wire. Bent Nose pliers are great for creating 45-degree angles. We also carry great crimping pliers and crimp beads and tubes for creating custom showstopping end pieces and spacers.

Some of our more favorite tools that we carry are innovative travel kits, bead stringers, precision bead measurement gauges and bead organizers. We also carry a few great jewelry and bead crafting glue kits that are perfect for securing your designs and beads in place. Whether you’re looking to get more organized or want to start taking more of a creative handcrafted approach to your jewelry making process; the tools we offer can do just that. We can’t wait to see how much your jewelry designs improve with the use of our available artisan tools.