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Looking to add a pop of passion and vibrance to your newest jewelry creations? Well look no further! Here at The Bead Chest we offer a wide array of the many hues and tones of beads all in the fiery color of red. From rogue to crimson, cherry to scarlet, mahogany to blood red and ruby to candy red we have the red beads to keep your designs bright and colorful.

In many Western cultures red symbolizes energy, passion, excitement, danger and love. In many East Asian cultures red is a very meaningful color. Many ancient palaces and shrines in China and Japan are painted in red tones. Red symbolizes good luck, prosperity, joy, warmth, celebration, energy, a long life and happiness. Often brides will wear red on their wedding days. Red envelopes containing gifts, trinkets and money are given out during holidays like Chinese New Year and other special occasions.

In India red is associated with sensuality, sultriness, spirituality and purity. In West Africa in countries like Nigeria and Ghana red represents vigor and vitality. In Egypt red considered a good luck charm and in Iran red often symbolizes good fortune, courage and strength.

The Bead Chest offers an amazing variety when it comes to red beads. In all shapes, cuts, and sizes. We have everything in red from wooden beads to recycled glass beads, from Nepali style beads to vintage Czech glass, from moroccan style to antique Afghani glass, from vinyl to paper, from Uganda to the island of Java and from the Krobo tribe and Kenya your red bead options are endless.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and browse our selection and find that perfect red bead to add that spark of passion and vigor to your unique jewelry designs!