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Do you want to bring a energy of positivity and purity to your designs? Well you’ve come to the right place! Our massive selection of beautiful white beads will keep you browsing our site for hours. White often stands for clarity, cleanness, simplicity, efficiency, hygiene and new beginnings. Create peaceful and meaningful jewelry designs with our many tones of white beads! From pearl to snow, from ivory to daisy, from to porcelain to frost, from alabaster to egg shell, from bone to coconut and from linen to chiffon our range of white shades will have everyone stopping in their tracks to take a look at your jewelry designs and home decor.

In Western cultures white is often associated with being pure, elegance, freshness and peace. Traditionally brides wear white dresses at their weddings to signify the start our a new journey. In Peru white is associated with good health, angels and the passing of time. In the Middle East white often brings to mind purity and cleanliness. In many African countries white symbolizes goodness, peace and good luck. In ancient Egypt white was the color of the Goddess Isis. In ancient Rome is was very common for priestesses to dress in all white. In the 18th and 19th centuries white became a dominant color of the culture. White was incorporated into clothing designs and implemented into the building architecture of many churches and cathedrals. In China and Korea white is worn to respect recently deceased family members and is considered sacred. In China and other Asian countries white is the color of reincarnation. In India the color white is related to divinity, serenity and detachment from worldly desires. 

At The Bead Chest we can’t get enough of the clean and fresh tones of our white beads. We have a huge amount of choices when it comes to shape, size, cut, material and shade of white beads. Wanting to add a beachy feel to your next jewelry collection? Our assortment of various white toned sea shell beads will amaze you. Looking to create a pure and bright looking necklace or bracelet? Our white bone mala prayer beads would be perfect for that! Everything from our white howlite skull beads to our Kenyan bone beads, from our turquoise and coral-inlaid Tibetan shell beads to our white Moroccan pottery beads and from our Nigerian camel bone beads to our tribal carved bone beads from West Africa we can help you find the perfect white tone for your next project!

With our diverse tones of white beads you truly can make no mistakes. So please go ahead and take your time scanning through our selection of white beads. We can’t wait to see what creative ideas you come up with!