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Silver is one of the seven metals of antiquity that has been known since prehistoric times. There is nothing more classic and stylish than simple silver beads. Silver is a precious metal and often symbolizes wealth and riches. Silver is often said to be a mirror to the soul and is associated with being ornate, graceful, elegant, high-tech and modern. If you’re looking to create a new jewelry collection that embodies sleek glamour you’ve come to the right place! We have a vast collection of silver beads, jewelry and pendants in all shapes, sizes and cuts. With shades from coin to fossil, from cloud silver to pewter and from lead to iron we have a hue of silver that will suit all of your jewelry making needs and impress at the same time.

The earliest known silver coins have been dated back all the way to 600 BC in the kingdom of Lydia in Asia. Silver is found naturally occurring all over the world in places like Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, China, Australia, Chile, Poland and Serbia. In Western Europe silver represents technology and craftsmanship. For Germans the color silver often represents sophistication. In Japan silver is a very popular color and is a staple in technologically advanced products. In the Christian religion silver signifies the virtue of truth. In Hinduism silver is strongly connected to the moon and is connected with the cleansing of oneself.

Here at The Bead Chest we know how much of a staple piece silver beads and jewelry are to jewelry and interior designers. So we are at no shortage of wonderful silver options for every occasion and jewelry making need. Looking to add a antique and charming feel to your next collection? Our vintage Ethiopian silver beads are a perfect fit for that. Do you need silver spacers for your next intricate bracelet or necklace design? Well you’re in luck, because we have silver spacers in all cuts, shapes and sizes! Looking for a unique trinket like silver wollo rings from West Africa or some old coin pendants? We have all of that and more! Your options are immense when it comes to silver, from our craftsman berber silver beads to our vintage Afghani coin bunches, from our silver heishi beads to our Tuareg hamsa pendants and from our Ethiopian Telsum beads to our Moroccan silver pendants you can’t go wrong!

With our many tones and shades of silver beads your new jewelry designs are going to be fire. Please take the time to browse and see what we have to offer. We are dying to see what you do with all of our silver options.