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Want an authentic and luxurious feel in your jewelry designs and home decor style? Our purple beads might be the best option for you! You can be confident in our selection purple beads. The color purple represents truth, quality, vision, containment, spiritual awareness and chic simplicity. With shades from plum to magenta, from lilac to grape, from violet to mauve, from eggplant to amethyst, from wine to periwinkle and from orchid to lavender our massive selection of purple tones will help you create chic and sophisticated jewelry designs like you’ve never seen before. 

All around the world the color purple is associated with royalty, wealth, nobility and spirituality. In Japan purple signifies wealth and position. The highest ranked Buddhist monks wear purple robes to represent their spiritual enlightenment. In Tibet, purple amethyst is considered to be sacred and is often seen used in rosaries and fashioned to Buddha statues. In China purple signifies physical and mental healing. In China purple is said to be a lucky color that will bring luck and fame. In ancient Egypt purple denoted virtue and perseverance. Catholicism associates the color purple with piety and faith. All across the world you can find Catholic cathedrals with spectacular stained glass windows with many shades of purple used in the designs. In Iran the color purple represents what is to come in the future. In the United States purple is considered to be a color of the highest honor and the US military awards purple hearts to military service members who have sacrificed and served for their country. 

When it comes to purple beads here at The Bead Chest your options of shade, color, size and material are abundant. Create a divine bracelet or necklace with our purple shaded Ashanti glass saucer beads. Our recycled lavender paper beads from Uganda can add that worn down feel you’ve been looking for to any of your jewelry designs. Want a touch of royalty and luxury? Our purple Java glass beads or lavender glass beads from West Africa may be your best option. From Afghanistan to Ghana our hues and tones of iridescent purple beads are ready for the taking.

There is no better time than now to emanate the uplifting and decadent energy of purple! So please feel free to peruse our collection of purple beads.