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Be ready to be inspired! Our Nepalese beads are absolutely phenomenal. The skill and craftsmanship-genius imbued into our wide selection of Nepalese beads is going to have everyone staring at your unique jewelry designs and creations. From our handcrafted bone beads to our stunning array of colorful glass beads and from our rustic animal horn beads to our beautiful brass beads and pendants we are confident that you’ll find multiple amazing Nepalese bead strands in this curated section.

Nepal is positioned in the Himalayan mountains and is neighbored by India and China. Due to Nepal’s location, Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multi-racial and multicultural country. With such a abundant mix of cultures Nepalese art and jewelry is truly unique. Very little is known about the prehistoric cultures in Nepal but examples of primitive artisan tools and jewelry have been found in various archaeological dig sites across the country. There are a lot of Hindu influences that can be found in the ancient art and texts from Nepal. In fact, many scholars agree that the original creation of prayer beads comes from people of the the Hindu people of Nepal. One of the most popular forms of Nepalese prayer beads are made using the seeds of the Rudraksha tree. Although, being heavily influenced by Hindu culture Nepalese people were also artistically influenced by the Buddhist people of China. Its believed that around 800 AD. Nepalese prayer beads started to be influenced by Buddhist designs. Nepalese prayer beads from around that time can be found in various forms. Many of these Buddhist inspired prayer beads used stones like coral, turquoise, ivory, amber and other polished stones.

Many new age communities from all around the world believe that jewelry and prayer beads from Nepal have special metaphysical and healing properties. It is said that Nepalese jewelry and stones exude and energy of courage and strength. It is said that wearing and using Nepalese prayer beads will help activate the crown chakra. It is also believed that Nepalese stone and beads are perfect for enhancing truthfulness in the wearer and those around them.

With such a varied and rich culture behind them there isn’t a better time than now to start implementing striking Nepalese beads and pendants into your creative jewelry and interior design projects.