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Looking to create a custom jewelry design reminiscent of the deep blue seas or the color of the sky? You can trust our selection of serene blue beads to add that extra burst of color to any and all of your jewelry design creations. The color blue represents intelligence, communication, duty, efficiency, logic and a calm and collected energy. With shades from navy to sapphire, from indigo to cobalt, from azure to cerulean, from lapis to peacock and from arctic to deep ocean blue our many shades and hues of blue beads will add a lovely coolness to your jewelry designs and custom home decor.

In Europe and North America blue represents security, trust and authority. In most western cultures blue is considered to have a peaceful healing and soothing energy. Blue is often considered the safest color choice around the world especially in the way we dress and accessorize ourselves. With denim being one of the most popular staple pieces in everyday fashion, blue is truly one of the most common color we all wear. In some countries, blue can symbolize protection from evil and healing. In countries like Greece, Turkey, Iran, Albania, Afghanistan and West Africa you can find blue eye-shaped pendants and amulets being used to protect against the evil eye. In the Ukraine blue denotes good health. In Hindu culture blue is commonly connected to Krishna and encapsulates divine joy and love. In ancient Egypt blue was the color of the heavens and was associated with the Gods and the universe.  In East Asia blue is often integrated into the architecture as a calming accent color. You can find many bath houses across Japan with pops of blue colors throughout to help promote relaxation and a healing restorative energy.

Here at The Bead Chest we have a in depth assortment of style, shapes and sizes of blue beads. Create your calming masterpiece with our clear marine recycled glass beads. Add a impactful vintage touch with our ancient Roman glass beads. Mix in the healing energy of our lapis lazuli and blue sea sediment jasper into your bracelets and charms. Looking to bring a raw tone into your designs? Our Krobo beads and Java Seed beads can do that for you. With an amazing selection of unique turquoise beads from Afghanistan to West Africa we have you covered.

Ready to permeate the calm and healing energies of blue? If so, go ahead take a browse through our section of blue beads. Go ahead, dive into the deep tones and hues of blue!