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Optimism, confidence, extraversion, friendliness, creativity, self-esteem and emotional strength. These are just a few of the things yellow represents. Want to convey a positive message and put out friendly and hopeful vibes? If so then our yellow beads are for you and your stylish jewelry designs. From gold to daffodil, from canary to lemon to mustard to medallion, from blonde to dandelion and from sunflower to bumblebee yellow we have so many great shades of yellow. Let us help you imbue your jewelry designs with the positive energy of the bright burning sun.

In western culture yellow is often associated with happiness, cheeriness, the warmth of sunlight and joy. In many Egyptian stories and myths yellow coveys happiness and good fortune. The brightness of yellow tones are often incorporated into the beautiful and intricate adobe architecture of Mexico and many other South American countries. In East Asia the color yellow is often associated with the Earth and is considered to be a very prestigious and beautiful color. Many Asian cultures see yellow as a sign of neutrality and good luck and is often paired with shades of red. Yellow also represents spiritual freedom. In China you can find many Buddhist Monks adorned in yellow robes and fabrics. Many Buddhist temples and shrines are painted with accents of gold and yellow. In Germany yellow can sometimes symbolize heroism.

Here at The Bead Chest we offer a amazing selection all shapes and sizes of yellow beads. Add more warmth and joy to your jewelry designs with our yellow sandcast beads. Want that vintage aged look? Try incorporating some of our antique Kenyan Turkana beads into your next bracelet or necklace. From our sunflower yellow recycled glass beads from Uganda to our natural moroccan pottery beads, from our yellow glass java beads to our Ghanaian chevron glass beads and from our yellow vinyl phono record beads to our yellow mala prayer beads from Nepal your options are limitless when it come to our striking yellow beads.

Today is the day to take that chance and brighten up your creative jewelry designs and home. Please feel free to browse our selection and find your perfect yellow match. Happy hunting!