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When it comes to finely crafted bead and jewelry Middle Eastern beads are in a category all their own. The quality and attention to detail of our Middle Eastern beads shows the true artistry and skill of Middle Eastern artists. Here at The Bead Chest we are at no shortage of high quality decorative Middle Eastern beads. From our from our handcrafted white metal beads to our intricately carved and painted Middle Eastern bone beads and from our reflective brass pendants to our beautifully crafted wood beads our immense collection of Middle Eastern beads will add a masterfully crafted quality to your next jewelry collection.

Geographically the Middle East sits between Western Asia and extends to areas of Northern Africa and Egypt. The Middle East is considered to be the cradle of civilization. The earliest human settlements in the Middle East are said to have formed around 3500 BC. Civilizations established by the Sumerians and Akkadians in Mesopotamia all flourished in this region. The murals, statues, pottery and jewelry made during this period of history can be found in museums all over the world. One of the most prominent city-states in Mesopotamia was Sumner. According to history Sumner is where the first written language was developed. During this time period the High Priestess of Inanna became the first ever known author in history. Eventually society began to spread during this time period and civilizations began to pop up in the Nile valley of Egypt. Many jewelry making techniques still used today were developed in Egypt from 2686 to 1069 BC. One of the most famous and renowned ancient empires was the Byzantine empire. Ancient Byzantine pottery and glass jewelry still influences modern day jewelry making today! 

In the modern day in countries all over the Middle East master artisans are still creating jewelry. Pulling from the techniques and styles of ancient Middle Eastern jewelry designs while putting a modern twist on their designs, newly made Middle Eastern jewelry and beads are truly a unique sight to behold. From countries like Iran, Syria, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain and Turkey and many variations and styles of Middle Eastern jewelry are perfect for creative jewelry design projects. At The Bead Chest we have so many elegant Middle Eastern bead strands from artisans from Bethlehem to Morocco!

So what are you waiting for? So please take your time and browse our curated section of Middle Eastern beads. There isn’t a better time than now to start incorporating magnificent Middle Eastern bead strands into your jewelry designs.