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Want to add a balance and harmony to your distinct style of jewelry design? Are Earth Tones your thing? Our green beads were made for you! The color green stands for refreshment, universal love, equilibrium, peace, reassurance, environmental awareness and rest. Need help conveying your inner zen? We think our green beads might be perfect for you. From lime to juniper, from sage to teal, from mint to seafoam, from jade to chartreuse, from turquoise to pine, from moss to shamrock and from olive to emerald our splendid spectrum of the hues and shades of green are ready and available for you and your jewelry designs!

Green is Mexico’s national color and represents freedom and independence. In the Middle East green often represents, luck, wealth and fertility and is traditionally associated with Islam. Green symbolizes paradise and is a sacred color in Iran. In East Asian cultures green can symbolize fertility, youth and new life. Jade is a very popular stone and shade of green worn by many men and women in East Asia and represents virtue and beauty. In Western culture green represents luck, freshness, nature, earth and spring. In Japan green is known to be the color of eternal life. Ireland is emblematic and representative of the color green. Nicknamed ‘The Emerald Isle’ Ireland is considered to be one of the greenest places on Earth. In Aztec culture green was worn by royalty and chieftains and in Scotland many wear green as a mark of honor.

At The Bead Chest we have a comprehensive selection of varying sizes, cuts, styles and shapes of green beads. Add a earthly tone to your jewelry designs with our selection of African turquoise beads. Going for a tropical vibe? Try out our aqua Caribbean recycled glass beads. Want to add a piece of history to your designs? Our selection of Roman Glass beads might be perfect for you! Want something totally unique? Our green Nephrite Jade beads are probably a great fit for you then. Wanting a South American feel? Our lovely selection of Amazonite beads will fill your need. From Ghana to Kenya and from Morocco to Nigeria we have a wide selection of stunning green beads for every situation, design and occasion.

Now is the time to imbue your jewelry designs and home with good luck and the down to earth energy of our green beads! Please take your time and browse our selection of green beads. We know you won’t be disappointed!