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Howlite beads are one of the most popular stone to use when in comes to jewelry making. White howlite has a flexible structure and it makes it very easy to carve and fashion into various shapes and sizes. Looking to add a unique howlite touch to your jewelry designs? Well you’ve come to a great place because, we have a great selection of stone bead strands when it comes to howlite. Howlite was discovered near Windsor, Nova Scotia in 1868 by geologist Henry How. Crystals of howlite are rare having only been found in a few places world wide. Howlite can be found in places like the Sierra Pelona Mountains of California and in the hills of Iona, Nova Scotia. Since its discovery Howlite has commonly been used as an accent for decorative objects. Because of its porous texture howlite can be dyed to look like other minerals. In the modern day howlite can be found being used in earrings, necklace and bracelets all over world.

At The Bead Chest we have a varied selection of shapes and cuts of howlite stone bead strands for you original jewelry designs. From our white howlite skull beads to our silver metallic round howlite beads and from our antiqued brown howlite skull beads to our black howlite skull beads your choices are many! In various new age communities howlite is praised for its various metaphysical and healing properties. Howlite is known as a stone of awareness. It is said that howlite gives the wearer the gift of wisdom and enlightenment. Howlite is said to help connect oneself to their higher self removing negativity and helping one see the truth of their current situation. Howlite is a great tool to use during meditation because it promote serenity and helps rid the mind of any distracting thoughts. Howlite can help you process your emotions and give the peace, happiness and contentment you’ve been looking for. Howlite will also help in giving you the strength to let go of old emotional pains and unhealthy mental patterns. Howlite assists in stopping one from being over critical and eliminates selfishness. Howlite is also regarded as a great healing stone to ease insomnia and many suggest sleeping with howlite near ones head. Howlite is connected to the activation of the heart, third and and crown chakras and can help cleanse ones aura of negativity. The energy of Howlite is said to help teach us the values of perseverance and patience. Howlite while helping one persevere through life it is also good at helping one generate new ideas and will help you see the progress you are slowly making on your journey through life.

So if you’re looking for a stone bead strand that will help keep you calm and comforted when the world becomes too chaotic look no farther than our howlite stone beads.