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Spring Bead Style Guide 2018

Spring Bead Style Guide 2018

Springtime is finally in the air! It's getting warmer and we’re able to start styling our homes and jewelry designs more bright and colorful again! There isn’t a better time to start stepping up your jewelry design, home decoration and fashion style game than the spring. Every year springtime brings new jewelry design styles and home decor trends. We want to help you look good, so we are here to give you some hot tips on what we at The Bead Chest think are going to be this spring's hottest jewelry and interior design style trends.

Picture above : blue swirl recycled glass beads - shop here

To start off we cannot get enough of our recycled glass beads. They make such good accent pieces for the springtime! And did we mention how versatile they're?! Use them in your jewelry designs, throw them over a vase on your coffee table or lay them in front of a statue or painting on your bookshelf. The possibilities are endless!

This year we are really loving rose and light blue tones but we carry our recycled glass beads in almost every color so you can mix and match tones to fit your personal design aesthetic.

Pictured above : rose recycled glass beads - shop here

On top of being so multi-purpose these recycled glass beads also have such an interesting artisan origin story. These glass beads are a type of bead indigenously produced and ethically sourced from Ghana, West Africa. These beautiful recycled beads are made using an tried and true method that has been used for hundreds of years.

Pictured above : blue swirl recycled glass beads - shop here

Pictured above : teal sand cast beads - Shop here

Next, we’ve noticed a surge of popularity in our teal tones beads in our customers jewelry designs and home decorating style and we don’t see this trend is ending anytime soon. 

Above is one of our most popular strands for this spring, our teal sandcast beads. Hailing from West Africa the process of making these striking beads has been used for over 1000 years. The creation technique involves pulverized glass being poured into a clay mold the being placed in a furnace until the glass hardens. The Ghanaians have been making beads like this since the 1600s! Wear this teal strand as is or incorporate it into your jewelry designs; there is so much you can do!


Picture above : strand of cheyenne pink glass beads - shop here

Peach, Rose & Sunflower Yellow Tones

Picture above : strand of Sunflower yellow glass beads - shop here

With the chic tones of pale rose, peach and sunflower yellow you can’t go wrong. Peach, rose and yellow tones go perfect with any skin tone and will add that extra pop of color to all of your jewelry designs and home decor displays.

Picture above : strand of sunflower yellow mini disk sand cast beads - shop here

More Colors!

To round off our springtime bead selects we can’t help but suggest these amazing red mini-disk sandcast beads! This spring it is all about in your face statement pieces!

Picture above : strand of red mini disk sand cast beads - shop here

This bold red and unique disk shape will help set you apart from the rest and make you and your designs look so fab while adding that extra flavor of fun glamour. Mix and match red tones with blues and yellows to make a strong statement.

Spring 2018 is all about taking risks so don’t be afraid to embrace these fun bright tones and unique shapes for all of your amazing jewelry design creations and home decor pieces! All of these great bead choices found here at The Bead Chest!


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