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Summer 2020 : Decorative Beads Styling Tips

Summer 2020 : Decorative Beads Styling Tips

Whether it be for fashion or interior design our home decor and Decorative Bead styles are becoming more popular and versatile to decorate with. The interchangeable nature of Decorative Beads makes the styling options around your home endless. A well thought out pop of color and texture can add a stylish design element to any room in your home. Here are some of our favorite Decorative Bead Trends we’ve been seeing this 2020 Summer Season.

Photos by (@shadesofblueinteriors)

Coffee Table Beads 

One of our favorite trends this year is centered around creating the perfect Coffee Table Display. Decorating Coffee Tables is really fun and easy to do and can look amazing if you do it the right way. We suggest utilizing wood and stone tray tables to help break things up and stay organized. After that have fun pairing items together. Throw a couple books, potted plants, coasters and of course a few strands of our Decorative Beads to complete the look.

Photo by (@insieme_house)

Photo by (@shadesofblueinteriors)

Photo by (@insieme_house)

Photo by (@insieme_house)

Ashanti Saucers

Our range of Ashanti Saucers have become super popular to decorate with lately. Everytime we check #TheBeadChest hashtag on Instagram we see more and more shots of Ashanti Saucers being used by top industry Interior Designers and Influencers. One of the things that makes Ashanti Saucers so great to decorate with is that there is a color for every interior design need and every style aesthetic. From our neutral tones like white, grey, light aqua and black to more vibrants shades like our pink, yellow, green and rainbow medleys there is a color style for almost any design situation. We carry sizes in a rage from 13mm to 23mm. The best part about our Ashanti Saucers is that they come prestrung, so when you’re done using them decorate you can easily start wearing them as a simple and cute necklace. Browse our range of Ashanti Saucers here.

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Plants and Decorative Beads

Mixing together plants and beads can make for an impactful centerpiece. We’ve been seeing Natural Bone, Gemstone and Wood textures being mixed with Floral and Succulent arrangements. Even our Ashanti Saucers look great when placed near and around plants. Whether you do it place them together on a coffee table or in a window seal they’ll definitely be a conversation starter.

Photo by (@NicholeLynneDesign)

Design Palettes 

We’ve noticed a lot of Home Renovators using our Decorative Beads as a way to build style and color themes when renovating rooms from scratch. Using Decorative Beads in Design Palettes before you get started on your remodel can help you define the colors and textures that you want to go for in the new layout. Once you’ve picked out your colors, stone, woods and textures grab a few of our Decorative Beads that match the remodels style to help pull everything together.

Photo by (@Alison_Giese)

Wall Hangings

Our larger beads and pendants always make for great accent pieces when added to simple home decor items. Try adding a large pendant or a shell bead to a wall hanging to add a more stylish mix of textures.

Photos by (@wanderingcoastcollective)

Lamp Shade Accents

Sling a strand or two of our patterned Decorative Beads over the base of your lamps and lanterns to add a more finished look to a simple decor display.

Photo by (@jamievannoord)

Photo by (@thesaltedstripe)     

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You can easily spruce up your shelving displays by adding some of our larger and more vibrant Decorative Beads. Our sturdy Batik Bone Beads and Vibrantly Colored Bone Beads always look great when placed on shelving next to other decorations and plants.

Photo by (@insieme_house)

Photo by (@insieme_house)

Wooden Chandeliers & Garlands

The lightness, range of colors and variation of sizes of our Wood Beads makes them great for creating boho style chandeliers and garlands. Simply string a few complimenting colors of our Wood Beads together and place them in your kitchen or on top of your mantle piece for a chic looking garland. If you have more time to design you can also attempt to create a beaded wooden chandelier like the one in the photo above.

Photo by (@thepapermama)

Photo by (@lkt19)

Now that you've been inspired we hope you try out using our Decorative Bead styles at home. Remember to post pictures of your #DecorativeBeads styled around your house and use the hashtag #TheBeadChest for a chance to be featured on our Instagram.

Happy Decorating!

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Photos by (@shadesofblueinteriors)

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Dana - August 31, 2021

I love the African beads, whether they are recycled glass or spectacular decorated horn beads and even fun colorful vinyl beads. I have combined African beads with Sari silk from India and beautiful USA leather and they bring such life to whatever project you have in mind.

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