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Antique Yoruba Brass Beads with Conical Pendant

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Approx. 80 beads |
1-1.5mm Hole |
24 inches Strand Length
These Vintage Yoruba brass beads have a unique and whimsical shape. Formed with a patterned surface, these hollow beads are distinctive in their design. The Yoruba people are one of the predominant ethnic groups in Nigeria. Each strand will include approximately 80 rounded brass beads measure 6-8mm in diameter. The bead count can vary depending on the size of the bead. Product photo showing multiple strands is intended to illustrate variation in shape of beads and design of the pendant. Please inquire in advance if you have specific needs. A few beads may be broken or damaged due to age. Limited supply.

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Strand Length 24 inches
Bead Size 6-8mm
Hole Size 1-1.5mm
Number of Beads 80 (approximation)
Found In Nigeria
Material Brass
Color Brass
Shape Round