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Silver Sun Baule Beads (33x27mm)

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Original price $49.00
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Approx. 18 beads |
1.5mm Hole |
24 inches Strand Length
These excellent handcrafted Silver Sun Baule Beads come to us all the way from West Africa. Baule beads of high quality like this are becoming increasingly hard to find. We've partnered with a special workshop to bring this unique artisan treasure to you. Each strand is approximately 24" in length. Each bead is about 33 x 27-33mm with a roughly 1.5mm stringing hole. Whether you wear this strand as a necklace or use each bead individually to make striking pendants; your custom designs are going to be eye-catching! Supply is very limited. Color of string may vary with stringing not tied as a loop. Grab a strand for yourself while you still can!

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Strand Length 24 inches
Bead Size 33 x 27-33mm
Hole Size 1.5mm
Number of Beads 18 (approximation)
Found In Ivory Coast
Material White Metal
Color Silver
Shape Flat
UPC 739325912230