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Oval Antique Venetian African Millefiori Trade Beads #15830

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2mm Hole |
38 inches Strand Length
WOW! Take a look at this beautiful antique strand of Venetian Millefiori trade beads! Celebrated among the most distinctive of beads, the Millefiori has become nearly synonymous with the West African Trade. Made from famed Murano glass, Millefiori beads derive their name from the Italian words for “Thousand Flowers” due to the characteristic floral motifs that decorate their surface. Millefiori beads were made throughout the 19th and 20th century primarily for export to Africa. Today they are found in many countries including Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Ghana where they are also known by their Ashanti name “Chachasao”. Most beads are commonly cylindrical in shape however oval-shaped beads such as those shown here are more rare and difficult to find. The strand pictured is an authentic strand of African Trade Beads and will include a unique mix of different colored beads. Look carefully and you may see that some rare varieties of Venetian trade beads are also mixed in including feather beads, fancy beads, and rare varieties of French Cross Beads. This is an old strand and some beads may be damaged or chipped due to age however it is in overall good condition. Great for the bead connoisseur and amateur collector alike. These unusual beads may be worn “as-is” or may be used as a unique addition to your special beaded jewelry. Don’t miss this chance to own this one-of-a-kind strand today! You will receive the EXACT item pictured.

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Strand Length 38 inches
Bead Size 10-18 x 9-10mm
Hole Size 2mm
Found In Ivory Coast
Material Glass
Color Multicolor
Shape Oval