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Old Mauritanian Granite Stone Disk Beads #13337

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Original price $269.00
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Approx. 135 beads |
2mm Hole |
30 inches Strand Length
Admire this exceptional strand of ancient stone beads from Mauritania. Old stone beads such as these are sometimes recovered from the ground and given new life. The disk-like shape is unusual, as is the smooth polished finish of the individual beads. Each bead measures approximately 3-31 x 9-15mm, with a hole size of approximately 2mm. You will receive the exact strand pictured measuring approximately 30". Notice the interesting centerpiece pendant bead featured on this strand. Grab this unique strand for yourself today!

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Strand Length 30 inches
Bead Size 3-31 x 9-15mm
Hole Size 2mm
Number of Beads 135 (approximation)
Found In Mauritania
Material Stone
Color Grey
Shape Unusual