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Nigerian Camel Bone Beads (Tube)

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Approx. 29-32 beads |
1mm Hole |
27 inches Strand Length
These rustic beads are said to be made using recycled camel bone. Each bead is hand-carved into its initial shape. Some are then patterned through additional carving on the surface of the bead. Each bead measures approximately 13-24 x 6-9mm, with a hole size of 1mm. Strand length can vary slightly from strand to strand, but is approximately 27". Great to use for your own boho jewelry designs!

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Strand Length 27 inches
Bead Size 13-24 x 6-9mm
Hole Size 1mm
Number of Beads 29-32 (approximation)
Found In Nigeria
Material Bone
Color White
Shape Tube
UPC 739325909575