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Moroccan Sunrise Amber Resin Beads (Graduated)

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Original price $115.00
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Approx. 25 beads |
3mm Hole |
20 inches Strand Length
Prized for their unequaled beauty and striking color, Moroccan Amber Resin Beads have been prized for centuries among the Berber tribes of the mountainous regions of North of Africa. In traditional families, such beads conveyed both status and wealth and have been passed down from one generation to the next. Due to their unique character, these artisanal amber resin beads may be worn 'as is'Â’ or may be used to embellish original jewelry designs. Both approaches are apparent in traditional Berber adornments. You will receive the unique strand pictured. Individual beads measure 20-30mm diameter by 11-18mm wide.

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Strand Length 20 inches
Bead Size 11-18 x 20-30mm diameter
Hole Size 3mm
Number of Beads 25 (approximation)
Found In Morocco
Material Resin
Color Yellow
Shape Round
UPC 739325905294