Large Mali Wedding Beads

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Product Details

  • Bead Size: 15 x 24 mm
  • Hole Size: 1mm
  • Strand Length: 27"
  • Number of Beads: 75
Large Mali Wedding Beads
Large Mali Wedding Beads

Product Description

Luminous, smooth, and with shades encompassing the entire color spectrum; this tantalizing string of authentic large Mali Wedding Beads are the perfect addition to any African trade beads collection. Still strung upon their original raffia, this dazzling array of multifarious shapes (including the classic Mali 'pear', flat and elongated beads) are presented upon an approximate string of 27". There are approximately 75 individual beads per strand. The strand pictured is a sample. The strand of Mali Wedding Beads shipped will be very similar.

Whether you're seeking to create the jewelry wow-factor with an authentic African pendant bead, or you're simply an avid collector, these beads are:
- Exotically colorful and each strand varies greatly.
- Handmade in Czechoslovakia using traditional glass techniques.
- 100% authentic, with characteristics of their Centuries-old use.
- Varied in size and shape, for an abundance of jewelry projects.
- Highly collectible, as no two strands are alike.

How Mali Wedding Beads Are Made:

The Venetian dominated trend of glass bead production during the 18th Century, began a ripple effect across Europe – most notably within Bohemia (now the Czech Republic). Classic blown glass methods tended to be utilized for the tear-drop shaped beads, in order to create the heavy bulbous characteristic. Elongated and flat Mali Wedding Beads were produced using the a casting technique involving molds. For this reason, many of the Mali Wedding Beads appear to have a striped, or tonal appearance, as a result of several glass colors being used.

The modern Fulani women of Mali, Africa, have been wearing Mali Wedding Beads for more than a Century; the immensely feminine shape of these beads indicative of both style and status. However, these African trade beads have far more significance to the Fulani, and were equally as coveted by their ancestors for over a hundred years ago. Mali Wedding Beads were first manufactured within the Czech Republic (formerly Bohemia), as a collectible currency for the African tribes, with which European merchants sought to do trade. Mali Wedding Beads replaced their similarly shaped clay counterparts, for use by the Fulani women during wedding rituals. Even today, the tradition of a mother presenting her daughter with a string of these beads on her wedding day still continues.

Mali Wedding beads are hand-made, and are presented to brides on their wedding days. They were made in what was once known as Czechoslovakia, for trade in Africa. Mali Wedding beads are worn throughout West Africa, specifically in Mali. These trade beads are multicolored and come in different shapes and sizes. Some are in the shape of a bulb, while others are elongated, flat, or triangular. Each strand is unique, and may vary from the strand pictured. The glass beads are strung in a way that allows them to swivel around the cord. These beads are greatly treasured and worn by Fulani women.

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Product Details

Bead Size:
15 x 24 mm
Hole Size:
Strand Length:
Number of Beads:
75 (approximation)
Found In:

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Review

Shipped extra quick & really well wrapped. Great customer service and beads exactly as described. Would buy from these guys again

Large Mali Wedding Beads

I received my order very promptly and am very pleased with the beads. Will order from The Bead Chest in the future.

I love Mali Wedding Beads

What can I say...these beads are simply my guilty pleasure. I love using them in all the jewelry I make. These beads are unique because they are so colorful. In one strand of Mali wedding beads you can get up to 20 to 30 different color beads, and sometimes if you are very lucky, you will get beads in four to five shapes.

These beads make great for earrings and necklaces. If there is one thing you buy from The Bead Chest, make it their Mali wedding beads!