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Green Ancient Djenne Nila Glass Beads

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Approx. 200 beads |
1-2mm Hole |
28 inches Strand Length
Take a moment to marvel at the true craftsmanship of these alluring Ancient Green Djenne Seed Beads. Seed Beads like this are very unique and very hard to come across. Each artisan strand is about 28" in length. Each handcrafted bead is approximately 3-4 x 3-6mm and roughly has a 1mm bead stringing hole. These beads are said to be quite old and are generally found buried in the ground.

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Strand Length 28 inches
Bead Size 3-4 x 3-6mm
Hole Size 1-2mm
Number of Beads 200 (approximation)
Found In Mali
Material Glass
Color Green
Shape Round