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Desert Sand Roman Glass Beads

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Original price $24.50
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Approx. 23 beads |
1mm Hole |
28 inches Strand Length
Take a moment to admire these alluring glass beads. Commonly referred to as Roman Glass these beads come to us all from the trade routes of the ancient Silk Road. The production of Roman Glass can be traced all the back to the beginning of the first century. Each strand of these ancient Roman Glass beads has its own unique story to tell. Each piece of glass on these strands could've come from a glass window, a vase, a cup or a goblet. Individual strands measure about 28" in length with individual beads is measuring approximately 9 x 27mm and a hole size of about 1mm. Multiple strands pictured. Each strand is sold individually. No two strands are alike but you will receive a strand similar to those pictured. Limited Supply. Note that while the material is said to be of old, possibly ancient origin, the precise age of the glass has not been independently verified.

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Strand Length 28 inches
Bead Size 9 x 27mm
Hole Size 1mm
Number of Beads 23 (approximation)
Found In Afghanistan
Material Glass
Color Multicolor
Shape Mixed
UPC 739325917846