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Chevron Fused Rondelle Recycled Glass Beads (14mm)

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Approx. 100 beads |
2mm Hole |
26 inches Strand Length
This uniquely patterned strand of rondelle beads is made using traditional methods used to create powder glass beads. The procedure for making the beads consists of a number of steps whereby powdered glass is poured into molds of clay and baked in a specialized oven. Individual beads measure 6 x 14mm and have a hole size of approximately 2mm.
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Strand Length 26 inches
Bead Size 6 x 14mm
Hole Size 2mm
Number of Beads 100 (approximation)
Found In Ghana
Material Glass
Color Multicolor
Shape Disk
UPC 739325860104

How Recycled Glass Beads are Made