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Butterscotch Spessartine Garnet Stone Chunk Beads

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Approx. 22 beads |
2mm Hole |
18 inches Strand Length
Take a moment to admire these beautiful Spessartine Garnet Stone Chunk Beads. If you look closely you will notice that each natural stone has its own unique rich color and shape. Many believe Spessartine Garnet has various metaphysical healing properties and that wearing jewelry made with this stone activates the Sacral Chakra and can help one to be less impulsive. Each bead measures approximately 15-22 x 10-23mm, with a hole size of approximately 2mm. You will receive one strand measuring approximately 18". There are around 22 beads on each strand. Each strand is unique and may vary slightly from photo. Grab a few for yourself today!

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Strand Length 18 inches
Bead Size 15-22 x 10-23mm
Hole Size 2mm
Number of Beads 22 (approximation)
Found In Afghanistan
Material Stone
Color Orange
Shape Nugget
SKU STN-1086