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Antique Oval Yoruba Brass Beads #2617

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Original price $89.00
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Approx. 20 beads |
3mm Hole |
26 inches Strand Length
Take a look at this beautiful antique Yoruba brass necklace! Yoruba brass is a special artisanal bead made in Nigeria and prized throughout West Africa. Each unique bead has its own unique character. Wear 'as is' or make your own jewelry! You will receive the exact strand pictured. Don't miss this chance to own this one-of-a-kind item! Each bead measures approximately 28-29 x 9-11mm with a hole size of approximately 3mm. You will receive a full strand measuring approximately 26".

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Strand Length 26 inches
Bead Size 28-29 x 9-11mm
Hole Size 3mm
Number of Beads 20 (approximation)
Found In Nigeria
Material Brass
Color Brass
Shape Oval