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Ancient Turquoise Roman Glass Beads #1807

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Original price $595.00
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Approx. 58 beads |
3-4mm Hole |
34 inches Strand Length
These striking Roman Glass Beads will set your designs apart from the rest. Roman Glass Beads are truly unique and come from ancient artifacts found across the silk road. These glass shards come from things like glass windows, vessels, vases, cups, and goblets. Roman Glass Beads have been traded for 100s of years and each strand of Roman Glass beads has its own distinctive story to tell. Each bead strand is about 34" in length. Each artisan bead is approximately 6-38 x 8-30mm and roughly has a 3-4mm bead stringing hole. Bead count includes small spacer beads. Each glass piece has been individually drilled and threaded to create a strand. Due to their age and extensive travel, some beads may be chipped. You will receive the exact strand pictured. Grab a piece of history for yourself today! Note that while the material is said to be of old, possibly ancient origin, the precise age of the glass has not been independently verified.

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Strand Length 34 inches
Bead Size 6-38 x 8-30mm
Hole Size 3-4mm
Number of Beads 58 (approximation)
Found In Afghanistan
Material Glass
Color Blue
Shape Mixed