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Ancient Mali Granite Stone Beads #13442

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Original price $149.00
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Approx. 50 beads |
1-2mm Hole |
30 inches Strand Length
These unusual stone beads are said to be hundreds of years old. Each bead has been individually shaped from granite stone and arranged nicely as a graduated strand. Old stone beads such as these are found in the shifting sands of Mali, a country that borders the great Saharan Desert. Ancient Malian cities such as Djenne and Timbuktu have gained an almost fabled status due to their importance for hundreds of years as important centers of learning and trade. Each exceptionally long strand of Mali Granite beads measures almost 40" in length. These unique beads are suitable for collectors, bead connoisseurs, or jewelry designers with a discerning eye. You will receive the exact strand pictured. No two strands are alike. Each bead measures approximately 5-44 x 4-16mm, with a hole size of approximately 1-2mm. You will receive one strand measuring approximately 30". There are around 50 beads on each strand.

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Strand Length 30 inches
Bead Size 5-44 x 4-16mm
Hole Size 1-2mm
Number of Beads 50 (approximation)
Found In Mali
Material Stone
Color Grey
Shape Unusual