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African Serpentine Stone Beads #14576

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Original price $349.00
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Approx. 40-50 beads |
2-3mm Hole |
38 inches Strand Length
Admire this beautiful strand of Serpentine Stone Beads from Mali West Africa. Beads such as these have been prized for their unique color since Neolithic times. While the exact age of the Serpentine beads is not precisely known, similar beads from both Mauritania and Mali have been dated to more than 2000+ years old. Look carefully and you will see the unique handmade character of these stone beads. This is an exceptional one-of-a-kind piece suitable for bead collectors and bead aficionados alike! Only one strand available. You will receive the exact strand pictured. Measurements are approximations.

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Strand Length 38 inches
Bead Size 8-40 x 9-50mm
Hole Size 2-3mm
Number of Beads 40-50 (approximation)
Found In Mauritania
Material Stone
Color Green
Shape Mixed