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African Ashanti Kente Cloth #14916

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Admire the rich colorful beauty of this authentic vintage Ghanaian Kente Cloth. Woven from cotton, handmade textiles such as this play a central role in the artistic tradition of many West African countries where they are traditionally worn as clothing. Kente cloths are made by the Akan people and were traditionally used solely for royal courts and prestigious occasions. Look carefully and you will see that each piece has its own unique and distinctive pattern. This colorful and vibrant fabric can be used for all kinds of unique design projects. Use it as a table cloth, wall hanging, to make custom clothes, or simply as a colorful accent for your favorite room. This cloth measures approximately 40-44 x 71-75" and is one of a kind. You will receive the exact cloth shown in the photograph!

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Textile Size 40-44 x 71-75 inches
Found In Ghana
Material Cotton
Color Multicolor