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Myrrh Beads and their Holistic Benefits

With its spicy, aromatic fragrance and countless medicinal properties, it's little wonder that Myrrh came to be regarded as a vital ingredient for Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines with potential healing properties.

However, the medicinal variety differs somewhat to that from which African Myrrh Beads are made.

Healing Properties of Myrrh

Traditionally used in prayer and wedding rites in Africa, Myrrh Beads originate from the Detarium microcarpum plant; a West African species belonging to the same family as legumes and peas.

Both the Fulani and the Tuareg people of Mali believe the edible seeds of the plant to have magical powers; a cure for ailments ranging from stomach complaints and nervous tension to hallucinations. They are also alleged to have aphrodisiac properties as part of a number of healing properties within the Myrrh family.

Benefits of Waist Beads

Married Fulani women wear multiple strands of Myrrh Beads around their hips to enhance their sensuality, and please their husbands. The body's natural oils infuse with the seeds, causing them to give off a stronger scent.

When she moves, the spicy fragrance is emitted from beneath her skirts, attracting male attention. But the use of these natural beads isn't limited to pleasing menfolk. The strong scent is considered to be particularly effective in warding off unwelcome spirits, and regulating a woman's menstrual cycle - thus aiding fertility planning.

Myrrh Healing and Holistic Benefits:

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