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Eco Friendly Beads

Beading can be a lot of fun. On the internet, there are millions of different types of handmade beads to choose from, so there's something for everyone!

Why People Love Eco Friendly Beads

With the increasing effect of global warming and other environmental problems facing our beautiful planet, we have found that more and more beaders are bringing their environmentally friendly tendencies to the beading table. They want to bead green! It seems that nearly every week now we receive an email from someone asking if we carry any eco-friendly which we respond, "Of course!"

Environmentally Friendly

One of the most beautiful aspects of African beads is that because they are created in an environment where there are often limited resources, many, if not most of our beads are made using recycled and/or natural materials!

One of our most popular types of African glass beads are the recycled glass beads from Ghana. These earthy beads are made from all different kinds of recycled glass, depending on their color. For example, the brown beads are made using old Guiness beer bottles. Other colors are made using everything from beach glass to Coca-Cola bottles.

When making these recycled glass beads, the African artisan will collect used pieces of glass, crush them into a powder-like substance, and melt it into a mold, to create the desired shape. Because of this process, many of these beads are also known as powder-glass beads.

Skilled African artisans have determined the exact combinations of different bottles and colored recycled glass to use in order to attain the desired bead color. Ghana bead makers are some of the best in the world, at creating recycled powder glass beads.

Save the World with Eco Friendly Beads

So, for all of you who want to look good, and save the world at the same time, enjoy a strand of Ghanian recycled glass beads. Not only will you be lessening the trash in Ghana's landfills, but you will also be recycling old cola bottles, giving an independent artist a job, and looking good all at the same time!

Recycled glass beads are only some of the many eco-friendly beads we carry here at The Bead Chest. Future bead guides will highlight other fun eco-friendly beads in our store.

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