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Yellow Venetian Glass Watermelon Oval Beads

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Approx. 30 beads |
1mm Hole |
24 inches Strand Length
Checkout these beautiful Venetian trade beads. Similar to the commonly known "watermelon chevrons", these beads are a rare, solid yellow color, almost as if they were unfinished during production! The strand measures approximately 24", and each bead measures approximately 15-17 x 5-6mm. Due to age, some beads may be chipped or damaged. Some beads may be more flat while others may be more oval.

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Strand Length 24 inches
Bead Size 15-17 x 5-6mm
Hole Size 1mm
Number of Beads 30 (approximation)
Found In Ghana
Material Glass
Color Yellow
Shape Oval
UPC 739325910564