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Old Grey Ostrich Eggshell Beads

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Approx. 350 beads |
1mm Hole |
33 inches Strand Length
These grey ostrich egg shell beads are an older, harder-to-find rendition of the present-day ostrich shell beads that are made in Kenya. Unique in their grey color, these specific natural shell beads are said to have been excavated and their exact age is not known, although they are considered to be old. Each bead measures approximately 2 x 9-11mm in size, with a hole size of 1 - 1.5mm. These extra long 33 inch strands won't last long, so get yours while you can! Limited supply available.

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Strand Length 33 inches
Bead Size 2 x 9-11mm
Hole Size 1mm
Number of Beads 350 (approximation)
Found In Kenya
Material Shell
Color Grey
Shape Heishi