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Fulani Beads is the name given to beads made by, or worn by Fula or Fulani people. These are an ethnic people that inhabit a large swath of Western African, Central African, and North African regions including present day Senegal, Mali, Nigeria, Ghana, Gambhia, and many other countries where they are a minority people. The traditional culture of the Fulani tribes is nomadic herding and trading. In fact, the Fulani people make up one of the largest nomadic groups in the world and it is because of this nomadic lifestyle that they were able to establish trade routes throughout West Africa. Most Fulani people are adherents of Islam.

Traditional Fulani dress consists of long robes and jewelry including necklaces, earrings, nose rings, and anklets. Beads make up an integral part of the Fulani costume. For example, Mali Wedding Beads, Red Faceted Trade Beads, and other Glass Beads may be worn by Fulani women. Since Fulani people live across a large region that crosses many borders, Fulani beads may originate from multiple countries as well.