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Ewe Kente Cloths are considered by many to be one of the most premier and unique styles of Kente Cloth in the modern day. Ewe Kente Cloths are now made mostly by artisans in Southern Ghana near the towns Agbozume and Kpetoe. The tradition of Kente Cloth Weaving dates as far back as the 11th Century and Ewe Kente Cloths have a variety of influences with many variations in style. What makes Ewe Kente more unique than the traditional Asante style of Kente Cloth is the diversity of design styles.

Ewe Kente Cloth Artisans are known for their more eccentric and creative design patterns. The one of a kind nature of Ewe Kente Cloth Styles makes them very coveted and highly valued by collectors. Due to the popularity of Ewe Kente there is a thriving market that takes place every 4 days in the town Agbozume. Traders from Ghana and neighboring countries like Togo, Nigeria and Burkina Faso come from all over to buy and export the unique Ewe Kente Cloth styles.

Weaved on a traditional loom, Ewe Kente is commonly woven with materials like cotton, silk, and rayon. Some of the unique patterns depicted on Ewe Cloth include images of Human Figures, Tools, Trees, Flowers. Sheep, Cows and other animals. Some more modern Ewe Cloth styles even include written text.

If you’re looking for a truly unique Ewe Kente Piece for your home or collection look no further. Each Ewe Kente Cloth truly carries a rich history and has a one of a kind hand stitched artisan quality. So please take a moment to browse our stunning collection of Ewe Kente Cloths below. We’re sure you’ll find something that takes your breath away.