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Green Ancient Djenne Nila Glass Beads

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Also known as Nila beads, these ancient beads derive their name from their discovery in proximity to the ancient trading center of Djenne. Settled as early as 200 B.C. in the Niger Delta of Mali West Africa, Djenne grew in prominence as an urban center due to its location on the ancient route for trans-Saharan trade. Due to its rich history, an abundance of ancient ruins can be found in the region. Old glass beads such these are sometimes found in the ground where they have lain buried for centuries. It is not uncommon for mineralization of the glass to occur over such an extended period however the beads may be cleaned and oiled to enhance their color. This long graduated strand measures approximately 28" in length with the beads arranged in a graduated fashion. Individual beads measure approximately 2-7 x 4-13mm. Restring and wear as a necklace or use in your unique jewelry creations. Each strand is unique and may vary slightly from the photo.

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Strand Length 28 inches
Bead Size 2-7 x 4-13mm
Hole Size 1.5mm
Number of Beads 150 (approximation)
Found In Mali
Material Glass
Color Green
Shape Disk