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Antique Ethiopian Blue Dutch Dogon Trade Beads

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Fabulous strand of old round wound trade beads also known as Dutch Dogons from the African Trade. Some of the earliest hand wound beads traded in Africa were originally produced in Holland. Beads such as these were often used by the Dogon people for dowries and were passed down by generations of Dogon women for over 200 years. These are rare beads that truly show the wear of time! These African trade beads have traveled at least three continents and have graced numerous owners. Each bead measures approximately 12-19 x 18-21mm, with a hole size of approximately 7mm. You will receive one strand measuring approximately 30". There are around 40 beads on each strand. Traditional African beads such as this are often strung and worn on long strands. Some beads may be cracked or chipped due to age. Each strand is unique. You will receive a strand similar to that in the photo.

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Strand Length 30 inches
Bead Size 12-19 x 18-21mm
Hole Size 7mm
Number of Beads 40 (approximation)
Found In Nigeria
Material Glass
Color Blue
Shape Round