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Ghanaian Bolga Basket, Indigo Diamond Pattern, Large Size

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Hailing from the Bolgatanga region of Western Africa, bolga baskets have become iconic of African basketry. Weaved out of Napier grass, also commonly referred to as Elephant grass, the material for these beautiful baskets is plentiful and fast growing, making basket-weaving an easy tradition for local craftspeople. Each Bolga basket we sell is handcrafted by a master artisan, and dyed in elegant designs. The top strap is wrapped in natural leather for comfort and durability. These baskets are great as home decor items, or can be used for weekly trips to your local farmers market! Each basket measures approximately 15-17 x 16-18". You will receive 1 basket per order. Basket may arrive in condensed form requiring several hours of sitting time for it to expand. Each basket is handmade and hand-dyed, and may vary slightly in color and design.

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Basket Size 15-17 x 16-18 inches
Found In Ghana
Material Elephant Grass
Color Blue
UPC 739325900923