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Wire Wrap Large Beads With A Flat Top

Wire Wrap Large Beads With A Flat Top

Easily wrap those large beads with a flat top.

Skill Level: Advanced

Time to Completion: 8 minutes

Step 1

Depending on the flat surface use a thin round nose for a wider surface and a thicker for a narrow surface. The grip on the wire against the bead determines how much control you can have with the bead.

Step 2

Place the bead inside the wire to be used. Measure and cut 4-5 inches on both side of the bead to measure and create the wire wraps. The flat surface is an obstruction when wire wrapping, so consider this are as a non usable place.

Step 3

Place one of the prongs of the round nose pliers into the beading hole of the bead. This will be your marker of where the size of the loop would be in the round nose plier.

Step 4

4 inches from the tip towards the middle of the wire that has been measured, place this measurement on to the point where the marker for the beading hole mark on the round nose plier. Wrap the wire around this point and make your first wire wrap to secure.

Step 5

Start wrapping the shorter end of the wire around the longer part of the wire. Wrap it three times. When wrapping, create a spiral wrap, instead of creating a tight wire wrap against the wire, decrease the pressure on the wrap taking the wires a little further apart from each other.

Step 6

From the bottom of the wire wrap, bring the wire back up and wire wrap three times upwards towards the loop.

The finished wire wrap should look like this, the slight looseness of the wire wraps should create a wider wire wrap, filling more of the space of the beading hole for the flat bead.

Insert the bead into the loop wire wrap. You should have little to no space around the wire wrapping.

Step 7

Pinch the wire with the round nose pliers slightly above the flat bead, make sure that you have that slight open gap to maneuver the wire around the bead.

Create a right angle, by bending the wire and making it parallel to the bead. the position of the round nose is essential as well, make sure both handles are laying parallel with the wire and the beads.

Bring the handles of the round nose pliers standing up, this will create control for your hands when creating the loop. Then bring the wire and wrap it around one of the prong of the round nose.

Step 8

Wrap the wire around the the beading. Follow the flatness of the bead when doing the wrap

Create the same spiral motion that was created on the other side of the loop. Slightly spreading out as you wire wrap. Remember to wire wrap three times down and three times up.

Step 9

After creating the spiral wire wraps, cut at the very edge of the beading hole of the bead. This would allow the effect ease and tension for the wire wraps and the beads itself.

Gently press around the excess wire that was cut with a curved flat nose pliers, make a clockwise round motion to tuck in any excess.

Step 10

You have successfully wire wrapped a flat top bead. We would like for you to share how you've wire wrap the flat top beads you have, send us your pictures as well as extra pointers or questions regarding these types of beads.


Creating jewelry projects with flat beads could bring a great element to jewelry. Often, jewelry makers struggle to create with large beads with flat surface. But with knowing how to manage working the material can make the roar structure to jewelry pieces that uses them.