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How to Make a Tassel With Waxed Cotton

How to Make a Tassel With Waxed Cotton

Add charm to your jewelry by creating your own custom tassel with waxed cotton cord.

Skill Level: Easy

Time to Completion: 5 minutes

Step 1

Decide how long you want your tassel to be. For this particular tutorial, we will be making a tassel with a finished length of 1 ½ inches. Multiply your finished length by two and add some (in this case, the result would be a bit more than 3 inches). Then, fold over a long piece of cord 3+ inches at a time, approximately 10 times similar to the photo below.

Step 2

Cut two 7 inch pieces of cord.

Step 3

Take one of the spare 7 inch cords you cut, and tie a knot around the middle of your stack.

Step 4

Pinch and fold the stack in half until its opposite ends meets at the bottom.

Step 5

One quarter of an inch below the top of the fold you created, tie your remaining 7 inch cord around the stack to secure your bundle.

Step 6

At the bottom of the tassel, cut each folded strand of cord so it is opened and split in two.

Step 7

Measure 3 inches down from the fold of the tassel, and trim the fringes so they are even and match your desired length.

Step 8

You may consider adding a bead to the top of your tassel for style. Then, create a regular loop knot at the top of your tassel for security.

Step 9

Now that you made a finished tassel, use it creatively in your own custom jewelry designs!


Tassels are a great way to add a custom finishing touch to your jewelry pieces, with the type of materials you have you can pick a material that compliments your custom pieces.