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How to Use Lobster Clasps

How to Use Lobster Clasps

Learn the basics of lobster clasps: what they are and how to use them.

Skill Level: Easy

Time to Completion: 5 minutes

How to operate a lobster clasps

Step 1

Place the latch part of the clasps closest to the finger

Step 2

Press down on the latch firmly

Step 3

The latch will swing the trap side open, allowing you to insert a loop for attachment

All lobster clasps have a hoop on its bottom to attach various types of threads and metal fasteners to secure jewelry. Unless it is designed differently, the hoop on the bottom is a universal technical part of a lobster clasps.

Attaching Tigertail to a Lobster Clasps

Step 4

Slide a crimp into a tiger tail.

Step 5

Put tiger tail through the loop on the bottom of the lobster clasp.

Step 6

Take the end of the tiger tail back through the same crimp that you used in the previous step.

Step 7

Place the crimp bead into the second crimp notch of the crimp pliers

Step 8

Squeeze the crimp pliers until the crimp bead is completely closed

The crimp should have an indented shape

Step 9

Place the indented crimp and place it on the first notch of the crimp pliers

Step 10

Squeeze the pliers closed.

How to Attach a Jump Ring to a Lobster Clasp

Step 11

Open a jump ring using a flat nose pliers

Apply pressure by moving one side towards you and the other side away from you to slightly open

Step 12

In the opening of the jump ring attach the bottom loop of the lobster clasp

Step 13

Close the jump ring by applying the opposite pressure used when opening the jump ring. You know it is closed when the two ends meet face to face.


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Materials Needed

Lobster Clasp
Jump Rings

Tools Needed