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Make an Easy to Make Elastic Bangle Bracelet Sets

Make an Easy to Make Elastic Bangle Bracelet Sets

Create stylish bangle sets using elastic

Skill Level: Intermediate

Time to Completion: 20 minutes

Step 1

Start by laying out a pattern with the available beads you have, this is a good chance for you to know if you have enough beads to complete a bracelet and the look each bracelet will have.

Step 2

Using the 0.8 mm elastic, bead the pattern of each bracelet, bead up to 7 1/2 inches.

Step 3

After each beading for each bracelet, measure 12 inches of elastic and cut. If you believe you will need more trust your instinct and cut a bit more. It is important to have enough elastic when beading.

Step 4

Criss cross the elastic cord against each other.

Pull the strings opposite each other until all the beads touch each other.

On top of the criss cross, wrap the elastic around your finger and create a knot.

Step 5

You may do a triple knot for added security.

Step 6

Apply Glue to the knot, avoid getting glue on your fingers to have a cleaner finish.

Step 7

Slide the knot into the bead before the glue on the knot dries, this will protect the knot by attaching into the bead adding protection.

Step 8

Let the knot and the bead dry together, provide an ample time for the glue to set for a more permanent result.

Step 9


Bangle sets are a great addition to one's outfit, and creating complimentary accessory that is casual and elegant.

Materials Needed

Metal Beads
Glass Beads - Primary Color
Glass Beads - Secondary Color
Metal Spacer Beads
0.8mm Elastic Cord

Tools Needed

Semi-Flush Cutter