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Multi-Strand Leather Wrap Bracelet

Multi-Strand Leather Wrap Bracelet

Make a double leather wrap bracelet!

Skill Level: Intermediate

Time to Completion: 90 minutes

Step 1

Cut a length of about 24” round 1.5mm leather cord. Insert the leather cord through the button holes, and position it so the pieces of leather are equal lengths on both sides of the button.

Step 2

Tie an overhand knot under the button to secure.

Step 3

Attach the leather and button to something that will hold it in place. I recommend a mini clipboard (found at any office supply store) and a large clip. A macrame board also works great for this, and in a pinch you can tape the bracelet down to a table or hard surface. Cut a 60” piece of WildFire thread. Thread needle, and fold thread in half.

Step 4

Tie the thread in a double knot on the bottom strand of leather near the button.

Step 5

Make sure the knot is tight and correctly positioned, then dab a small amount of glue on knot to secure.

Wait at least 15-20 minutes for the glue to dry, and then trim the thread tail

Step 6

Thread the first bead and bring the needle and thread through the center of the two pieces of leather, then behind the top piece of leather.

Bring the thread over the top of the top leather piece and back down through the bead, coming out behind the bottom leather piece.

Step 7

With the thread coming out from behind the bottom piece of leather, add your second bead.

Repeat steps 6-7.

Step 8

Continue repeating the weaving process, adding beads that are all approximately the same height.

At some point you'll need to make more room on your clipboard to keep weaving. Simply remove the bracelet from the clipboard, move it back, and then re-clip it.

Step 9

When the bracelet is the desired length, tie an overhand knot at the end of the section of beads.

Step 10

Weave the thread back through a few of the beads to secure the thread before cutting.

It's helpful to tie a few knots by slipping the needle under an existing thread and making a simple knot.

I recommend weaving back through at least three beads.

Step 11

Measure your button to see how much space you need to leave between the existing knot and the new knot that you're going to tie.

Then tie the second overhand knot to complete the button loop.

Step 12

Add a drop of glue to your thread knots and the three leather knots on the bracelet. Allow them to dry for 15-20 minutes.

Step 13

Cut any extra leather from the end of the bracelet and trim excess thread.

I personally like to leave a little tail at the end of the knot because I think it makes a nice addition to the bracelet.

Step 14


All done! Let us know how it turned out!

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