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Top 3 Mistakes that Jewelry Designers Make

Top 3 Mistakes that Jewelry Designers Make

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With the rise of Etsy and other easy-to-use ecommerce platforms, more people than ever are launching independent jewelry design businesses. From stay-at-home moms, to full-time studios, thousands of people are joining the trend each month.

Yet running a jewelry business is about more than just creating jewelry. Marketing, sourcing supplies, and fulfillment are key parts to running a successful jewelry design business. Today, we highlight three of the top mistakes jewelry designers make in running their business.

1. Skimping out on good photos

The #1 biggest mistake of jewelry designers selling their products online is skimping out on good photos. Often times designers will take one photo of their product, using a low-quality camera.

Studies show that quality photos can increase conversion rate by up to 65%. Our advice to designers is to buy a good camera or phone (such as a newer Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy), and take photos of each product from multiple angles and distances. There should be at least one photo that shows the entire product (preferably two or more from multiple angles), and at least one photo that shows a close-up using the camera's macro mode.

The small bit of extra time and money it takes to get great photos will pay off handsomely!

2. Focusing on retail buyers

Far too often, jewelry designers will limit their sales to retail buyers on marketplaces such as Etsy, eBay, and Amazon. But it is a great travesty because some of the most loyal buyers are not retail buyers, but rather other businesses.

Designers should consider offering wholesale pricing to boutiques and online stores who wish to resell their products. If the resources exist, it might be wise to take a training course in sales, or even hire a sales rep. Our customers here at The Bead Chest are selling to thousands of boutique stores and department stores throughout North America. Surely it takes some work to bring on a sizeable client, but the rewards are tremendous.

3. Creating a great customer experience

Often times designers will focus solely on jewelry, and rightly so. After all, that is what they do best. But selling online requires more than just designing the jewelry. Marketing is one of the most challenging aspects of selling online.

Studies have shown, time and time again that word-of-mouth is by far the most powerful marketing strategy. Therefore, you want to do everything you can to WOW your customer. Create a great experience for them. Whether it be packing each necklace or bracelet in a cute little box, or offering risk-free exchanges, do what it takes to get your customers talking about you. If they have an amazing experience, they will surely spread the word about your company, especially when their friends ask them about that beautiful necklace they're wearing!

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Marie Mendez - September 17, 2016

Thanks for this awesome post! One other common mistake: people don’t streamline their operations! I’ve found it is useful to spend one week per month designing and creating, and then the rest of the month selling. If I am designing every day, I have a tough time prioritizing other important business functions.

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